Camp Stove Manufacturing


A three-student project to reverse engineer the components and assembly process of a camp stove. 

Complete CAD model by Martin Hewitt, Alex Revinski, and me

Complete CAD model by Martin Hewitt, Alex Revinski, and me


In this project I modeled the propane tank, manufacturing tooling for the tank and the camp stove top diffuser, and worked with my team to create a  balanced assembly line for all stove components. 



We disassembled the camp stove components and determined what materials and processes were used to create each part. CAD models of each part and tooling for major components were produced. 



To gain a sense of the stove assembly process,we put together the stove components and timed each step. Using the largest-candidate line balancing method, we created a line with a theoretical 91% efficiency. 

We deviated slightly from the method to create a workstation that grouped two assembly steps for the stove base - which would be more logical in a real assembly setting. 



In this project and course, I practiced identifying common manufacturing methods of finished products - primarily sheet metal, casting, and injection molding operations. I learned about the limitations of these manufacturing methods and how they should be carefully considered especially for mass-produced parts.