Work Experience


Work Experience

Source:   Waymo    technology website

Source: Waymo technology website

Waymo - Camera teaM

I currently work on a small, fast-paced team validating camera hardware for the next generation self-driving system.

In just a few months, I helped bring up characterization tests to be used both internally and with vendors and have become the go-to person for setting up ad hoc and on-car tests with new cameras. This work includes coding capture scripts, rigging camera mounts, and writing analysis and plotting code.

Source:   The Atlantic

Source: The Atlantic

Waymo - Software Simulation

In my first role at Waymo, I gained system-level knowledge of the autonomous vehicle “brain”. I modeled interactions with other cars, traffic lights, pedestrians, and objects in simulation. This work also required designing metrics to check for software regressions in different modules over time.

My team decreased the amount of unhealthy autonomous software bugs by 50% (order of thousands).

Source:   Paslode

Source: Paslode

Illinois Tool Works - PASLODE

My first experience in engineering industry was in the construction products division of a Fortune 500 company in the midwest. ITW has a sea of products that have been successful for decades. As such, I was most impressed by their knowledge of scalable design, mass manufacturing and familiarity with their end-users.

At ITW, I took on a low-level, technical project where I analyzed discrepancies in test methodologies. This work involved setting up force and strain measurement schemes for two dynamic test environments, and writing analysis code to extrapolate cumulative differences after fatigue cycling. I worked with test engineers to devise a standard scheme to analyze these differences with new products and setups in the future.